RACA journal article publication

Nanocool project as a success story in HVAC innovative solutions has been published in RACA journal Fe ...

NanoCOOL fully operational!

NanoCOOL system prototype is fully operational in TBTC demosite in Taiwan from November 2015. Energy c ...

Nanocool promo video released!

Nanocool project video created by FENIX partner, enjoy watching!

Nanocool workshop in Taiwan 24 February 2016

Second dissemination workshop was organized at the demo site in National Taiwan University of Science ...


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In Air Conditioning the Hybrid Liquid Desiccant (HLD or LDAC) systems remove humidity from the air using a liquid desiccant dehumidifier, while the sensible load is removed by a conventional vapor compression air cooler. The heat required for regeneration of the liquid desiccants is usually provided by outer sources like natural gas or solar collectors. 

LDAC systems are not new to the HVAC industry, however they have never found a wide utilization due to their complexity and the use of expensive material to avoid corrosion and carry over problems. The Nanocool project has solved these problems and demonstrated (in a real application) an advanced hybrid - LDAC solution with interesting performances in terms of temperature and humidity independent control, CO2 reduction, energy savings and air purity.

The Nanocool project has ended in February 2016 with the future intention to bring this technology to TRL = 9 and exploit it commercially by 2018

Taipei Nanocool Demonstrator